Jasmine + Christopher


“If you would like your vision to become a reality then Radiant Weddings owner (Chantelle) should be your first call before you go any further. My husband and I renewed our vows after 10 years of being blessed in a union of Marriage by God Almighty. We knew what we wanted, but had no idea of how to bring it all together. We both work full time and have a 5 year old daughter, so for all you parents out there you understand that time is the last thing on the list! Radiant Weddings made it so easy to bring our vision to a reality. She is a pleasure to be around –enthusiastic and full of energy. I asked her at least 1 million questions and changed my mind around 10 million times, and you would never know by her reaction and her execution. Let’s be honest I didn’t involve myself on the how, but Chantelle did. She turned my how into a wow -I am forever grateful!! Not only did she deliver for me and my husband but she incorporated a special section for my little one as her birthday was the weekend before the event - to be honest, you would think the child was hers (LOL) . The last thing I want to say is we all want our friends and family to have a great time when we host an event and we want them to be left with nothing but happy memories. Chantelle truly did that and more. Have you ever had people comment on how great your planner was? Well we did – our parents, family and friends were all highly impressed with how much of her self she gave that night and how well planned, organized and beautiful the night was . if you don’t want a smooth night for your event, don’t call Chantelle…but if you want to feel like you’re in a place of peace and pure joy while you celebrate, then Radiant weddings is the only call you should make before you go any further!” Jasmine, November 2018


Olivia + Jake

"Chantelle coordinated one of the most important days of my best friend’s life…. her wedding day. She showed passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the bride and groom and their families.  Her genuine care and concern for making this day a special one will be forever appreciated by them.

I would describe Chantelle as extremely well organized, detailed and thorough. Her ability to keep the day’s events on time made the day flow seamlessly from beginning to end. Neither my friend nor I (as her Maid of Honour) had any worries that day, we knew that having Chantelle there would keep things moving as planned.  She met with the Bride and Groom a number of times before the wedding  to ensure that she had a clear understanding of their wishes, and that they knew exactly how the day would play out.

Chantelle was simply amazing.  She is definitely someone I would recommend to anyone getting married. I do not know what we would have done without her!!" Alex, Sept 2017

Industry Colleagues

"Chantelle is extremely suited to the coordinator role. She does what is required, and does not need to wait for instruction to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely fashion. Chantelle would be an asset to any couple on their wedding day. I am confident she will flourish beautifully in this industry!" Jacquie Swadi, One Sweet Day Events, Oct 2017

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